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00:02-00:04, 00:38-00:39
00:23-00:24, 00:forty eight-00:fifty – [Hennessy]
Gondola – Textures, Shaders, Glance Dev
Balloon – Partial Texture, LookDev
Mari, Maya, Arnold, Nuke

I produced textures & shaders for the gondola making use of reference pictures from Piccard’s journey in the 1930’s. I also did partial texture & look advancement for the balloon cloth jointly with CG direct.

00:05-00:08 – [Brand name Jordan]
Stadium group clothes – Product, Texture
Maya, Mari

00:09-00:10 – [Hennessy]
Trieste – Texture

00:10-00:11, 00:21-00:22 – [Nike]
Uniform names & numbers – Monitor, Product, Animation

Following the spot experienced been finished, the structure of the uniforms improved resulting in the need to have for numbers on the jerseys and shorts to be changed, as nicely as players’ last names to be additional to the back again of their shirts. I tracked the title & numbers on to the uniform, then sculpted each individual 1 frame by frame to give a cloth-like effect as 1 with the uniform.

00:12-00:13,00:26-00:29 – [ESPN]
Bear Traps – Texture, Shader, Light-weight, Render, Precomp
Trojan Horse – Rig, Animation, Textures, Shaders, Light-weight, Render, Precomp
Maya, Mari, Arnold, Nuke

I was dependable for all CG besides modeling in this spot, and direct CG on all calls and customer sessions.

Bear Traps – 3 foreground and all qualifications traps are CG, even though midground traps were being in the plate. I was dependable for the entire pipeline besides modeling.

Trojan Horse – I rigged and animated the ropes and horse, painted textures in Mari, produced shaders, lit, rendered, and precomped all pictures, as nicely as animated digicam in totally CG horse shot (not shown in reel).

00:fourteen-00:15 – [Bayer]
Weeds – Animation

00:15-00:16 – [Crown Royal]
Antique Billboard – Product

00:17-00:twenty – [Below Armour]
Steph Curry doubles’ clothes – Product, Texture
Maya, Mari

I modeled and textured Below Armour clothes for Steph Curry’s CG doubles.

00:24-00:25 – [Lockheed Martin]
F-35 Fighter Helmet – Product

I modeled the F-35 helmet in Maya to offered reference of Lockheed Martin’s latest Helmet design.

00:30-00:32 – [Disney]
Mermaid Tails – Product, Texture
Maya, ZBrush, Mari, Arnold, Nuke

I modeled the mermaid tails by setting up with a foundation mesh in Maya and having it to ZBrush to sculpt scales and aspects on the fin to match a combination of offered references. By projecting a repeating texture on to the mesh in ZBrush, I was ready to develop a sleek move of uniform scales during the tail. Following modeling, I produced the foundation texture in Mari with levels such as diffuse, bump, spec roughness & excess weight, and iridescence. I then produced a foundation shader for the LookDev artist.

00:32-00:33 – [Google]
“Sweet!” – Product, Animation, Texture, Shader, Light-weight, Render
Maya, Mari

00:34-00:37 – [Kim Crawford Wines]
Wine bottle, A variety of Props – Product

I modeled the props and wine bottle for a 24-piece zoetrope animation. Parts this kind of as the revolving handrail and wine rack were being modeled in 1 15 diploma span of a circle and duplicated radially 24 occasions to repeat flawlessly all over the spinning zoetrope at 24 FPS.

00:40-00:forty five – [Lincoln]
Complete Spot – Previs

I applied storyboards to previs digicam moves, shot timing, and timing/placement of useful paint explosions in advance of the shoot.

00:46-00:forty seven – [NY Lotto]
Gingie, Star, Beaver – Animation, Texture, Shaders, Light-weight, Render, Precomp
Maya, Mari, Photoscan, Arnold, Nuke

Working with Photoscan, we produced foundation products and textures of the Xmas ornaments. We then cleaned up the geo and textures, produced shaders, animated, & lit the pictures setting up with an HDR from the shoot & incorporating CG lights from there.

00:fifty-00:fifty one – [Montefiore]
Architectural Designs – Textures, Shaders, Light-weight, Render, Precomp
Maya, Mari, Arnold, Nuke

Our team of five lighters worked jointly texturing, shading, lights, and laying out pictures for all 8 properties. Platforms were being component of the plate, and architectural products were being additional on leading.

00:fifty two-00:55 – [Bates Motel]
Motel Room, All – Shaders, Lighting, Render, Precomp
Maya, Arnold, Nuke

I shaded and lit the motel home in the basic Bates Motel design for the initially shot of the Period 4 teaser.

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