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Month: June 2017

5 Motives Why Servant Leadership Functions

I have worked in my discipline for 30 many years. I have served as a leader and have served under a selection of leaders during that time. Some have been excellent although some have not. Very good, wholesome management is out there but you have to appear for it. I have uncovered just as a lot from the faults of these close to me, as nicely as my very own, as I have from the successes. I have also had the privilege of performing for some amazing servant leaders as nicely. One particular in specific I served with for virtually ten many years and to this working day he is a single of my closest good friends. He showed me what a servant leader looks like and has had a profound affect on my lifestyle. So I can notify you from working experience that these 5 principles get the job done. What is a servant leader? It truly is not complicated seriously. If you see persons as a signifies to provide you, then you are not a servant leader. I would simply call you a supervisor or basically a manager. If you see your purpose as a leader to empower other individuals to come to be improved at what they do, to reach larger levels of ability and skill and come to be improved and more productive persons in...

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Planning a Foreign Holiday For a Difference

If you are planning a trip to Sri Lanka in the near future, make sure you factor in a stay in Colombo while you are there. While Colombo is not set up to appeal purely to the traveler and holidaymaker, that is one of its charms. It means you get to see a foreign city exactly as it is, instead of being made to appeal to tourists. So what is there to look forward to? One of the most popular things to do is to go on a city tour. These are always well worth the money if you are visiting a foreign city for the first time. They ensure that you see the best sights and do not miss out on anything notable. The best way to cover the most ground is to go straight to a tour company, who will provide a car and driver to you for the day. They know the best locations to visit, so you will be assured of an eye opening day out. One of the key activities to do in Colombo is definitely shopping. The outdoor markets have to be seen to be believed, and they offer all sorts of incredible things to buy. But there are individual shops to be browsed round too, such as Paradise Road. This store is very well known in the area and has a huge...

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