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Month: November 2017

Older, Slow, But Way to Go!

When I was a child it seemed as if I could run all day long. I loved to pretend I was a horse running free on the prairie, or a fairy princess floating through a forest of mystery. My body seemed to move without effort or discomfort. I was one of the fastest at chasing games. Then I grow up. What a dirty trick! It is a trade off, this getting older. you can not run as quickly or effortlessly as when you were a child. You have more aches and pains after a few miles of running. You take longer to warm up the stiffer joints. However it is not all bad! You can go long and slow, enjoying the scenery, the sounds, the feeling of working up a sweat. You can enjoy the other runners in a race, taking the time to get to know them, sharing the marvel of being outside doing something fun. You learn to listen to your body when it says to slow down or get a drink. And the times of the other racers in your age bracket are going to be slower, too. It is an amazing thing when you grow older and begin to run. You must start slowly and gently, respecting your body and it's limits. Bring the wisdom of your lifetime with you and do not be afraid...

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Short Biography of Giorgio Armani

Born on July 11, 1934 in a small Italian town, Giorgio Armani has become a symbol, an ambassador of Italian fashion all over the world. Particularly known for his stylish suits worn by top Hollywood actors such as Mel Gibson or Richard Gere, Armani never even thought of becoming a fashion designer in his youth. He went to college to become a medic, but he soon realized that hospitals were not for him. He quit in favor of taking photography courses. However, that was not meant to last much either as in 1957 he had to abandon them in order to do his obligatory military service. After that, he got a job at "La Rinascente", Italy's leading department store at that time. In 1964, Armani went to work for Nino Cerruti, an important fashion designer. In 1970, encouraged by his good friend Sergio Galeotti, he left Cerruti and established his own freelance design studio. In 1974, the same friend helped him establish his own company called Giorgio Armani SpA His first collection for men was a huge success and a year later, he launched a collection for women that enjoyed the same enthusiasm from the public. Since then, he continuously developed the Armani Look, which can now be easily recognized by almost everyone. It is well known for its distinct clean, tailor-made lines. To better understand how popular and...

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When Did You Last Leave Your Comfort Zone?

It’s a cool September morning and well, the temperature is starting to drop a little and I for one have had to put on a heavier, warmer coat in the mornings! A few people have started to adjust their thermometers and the lure of cozy afternoons and evenings on the sofa are tempting us. I woke up this morning full of cold its been approaching for a while, but I thought I could stave it off. After lazing in bed for much of this morning (a well deserved treat), I came downstairs and threw open the doors to the garden. I was dreading it – it looked a bit fresh and breezy. It was!! But – it was exactly what I needed – a nice burst of fresh, cool air, which helped to clear my head and cleanse my airways. This got me thinking along a different line. We sometimes worry that we are sitting of the edge of a precipice about to take a step into something that scares us. Sometimes the things we fear or dread the most, are the very same things that will re-energise us, change our mindset, or even change our lives. So this prompted me to do some more thinking, as well as help you consider some questions that you can ask yourself to understand what, if anything might be holding you back...

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The World Of Fashion Design

The world of fashion is one that has the eyes and ears of a vast amount of people; we watch television, read magazines, and stay tuned to see what the rich and famous are wearing from day to day – and we follow suit. Fashion can change perceptions, impact an entire retail economy, and influence a generation. It’s no wonder that more and more people are interested in joining the world of fashion design. Fashion design entails the creation and manufacturing of clothing styles. Fashion designers work based on seasons – they design, create, and then introduce their line of clothing on the fashion runways. The clothing that is well-received suddenly makes its way to Hollywood where actors and actresses come decked out in the latest fashion to the latest movie premiers. And what happens on that carpet trickles down to the masses making its way to retail outlets all over the country in more affordable forms. Fashion design can be a fantastic career journey but it requires a vast amount of skill, education, and hard work. Those interested in fashion design should already possess an innate ability to create beautiful design and effectively communicate them on paper. Such creative fashion enthusiasts should be sure to supplement their skill with formalized education. A fashion design school will teach the fundamentals of design, drawing to scale, textiles, fabrics, sewing, and...

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Men’s Polo Shirts

Men’s polo shirts are a vogue style for which the composition is long or short sleeve, and do not button or fasten at the front. Polo shirts are pull over and should be used for occasional or ceremonial apparel, all depending on the adornments. Wear a long sleeve polo shirt with a exquisite blazer for a date or to the more casual setting. Long sleeve pull over polo’s with a short sleeved t-shirt over them are used for any climate, as you can remove the t-shirt if it gets hot, but the tightness of the polo allows for wear in inclimate weather as well. Women find this style very sexy, as you look like a casual guy who can haul in wood if needed. Short sleeve polo’s are the casual polo shirts in men’s fashion, but by clarification polo is any shirt but a t-shirt or tank top, as they usually are fabricated from a knit material and have short collars. They can also be worn for sporting events such as golf or tennis, and other casual sporting events. They are known to being a “weekend” style shirt by the more buttoned-up buyer. Cotton jersey mix are the most usual, and the overall fashion does not alternate much, which means owning three or four in your closet of different colours means you will never have to worry that the...

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