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Month: December 2017

Boho & Foho Chic

Imagine a bohemian girl in Edwardian London and she wears long swishing gowns with a high Edwardian neck collar .. and maybe a neck tie too and maybe her ankle boots. This is the bohemian look of the last century. and now the new century and Boho Chic. Boho Chic is no longer 'in' but remember its look! There were the floaty skirts, the Ugg boots so popular when Boho Chic was at its height and the giletts. Remember the new elegance of the 1900s when the corset was disappeared and also the crinoline. There was something new and elegant. Boho chic is a kind of decadent look which belongs to the new century. It is a mishmash of fashions, boots, gilet … With the 1900s look and now the Boho look, there was a new silhouette. In Boho and now Foho chic, there is an aspiration towards a new silhouette. A silhouette which does not belong to high fashion but to the worlds of bohemia and festival-life. It is not concerned with waist and hips lines. it is not concerned with 'separates' as in shirt and dress. Remember the furry gilets of boho chic! Look at the furry gilets..they created the high waisted look and giletts were something that caught the imagination. Indeed giletts were something new! Yes they were really something new. They were a new fashion....

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The Difference Between a Suit Jacket, a Sport Coat and a Blazer

If you have ever wanted to wear your suit jacket as a blazer, with a pair of khakis or jeans, then this is a question that sure you have asked. For the majority the correct answer is just plain and simply confusing. Many have chosen to interchange the three and basically called anything with a pattern, but worn with non matching pants, a sport coat and a solid colored version, again worn with non matching pants, a blazer. As prevalent as this practice is, it is not the definition of the three. Suit jacket. This is some thing to be worn with its matching trousers. For the most part the silhouette of the suit jacket flows down to its trousers so matching the jacket with other pants produces a weird look. If you have ever tried this and felt like the pants did not look right-as is you did not dress yourself-its not in your head, this is exactly what it looks like. A suit jacket will be constructed, it will have canvas interlining and shoulder padding. It is made to look tailor and dressy. The details will also be more on the formal side, with piped pockets (with or with out flaps) manufactured lapels, lining and bone or corszo buttons. Sport Coat A sport coat is something that is worn for a more casual setting. At its purest...

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What to Wear in Summer

Of course, when you start to see the sun coming out then it's time to think about what clothes you are going to wear for enjoying the warm weather; whether you're relaxing on a patio or hopping from festival to festival. This year offers styles that are great for both dressing up and dressing down. Fashion mavens the world round are not that that the scarf trend that took over autumn and winter will still be present in spring and summer – with lightweight and floral patterns that are bright and light. When it comes to summer, footwear should always be comfortable – that means strappy sandals for beach days and flat shoes for city walking. In fact, in 2008 the trend towards gladiator-style sandals became very popular, with styles ranging from the towering high heel to more practical flats in a range of colors. Indeed, the versatile, strapless gladiator-style sandal is sure to be a popular choice, as the style matches well with skirts, shorts and even some summer dresses. Shoulders are the focus body part of the season, with designers around the world accentuating shoulder angles and a sharp look with shoulder pads in jackets, cardigans and t-shirts. One theme that's made its way through the entire fashion business this year is bright and bold colors. Whether it's a bright yellow top, neon colored swimsuit or bright...

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How to Properly Iron a Collared Shirt

Are you looking to dress to impress but all your nice shirts look like they have been buried at the bottom of your hamper for the last 2 years? No need to worry, as long as you have an iron, those wrinkles are sure to go away just by following these easy instructions. First, you need a good iron and a flat and clean area where you can place your ironing board. You do not want to accidently drop your shirt into a pile of garbage or the bowl of left over spaghetti you ate last night. Set your ironing board so that the skinny end of the board as at your left if you are right handed. Youll want it on the right if your left handed. Now you need to take your iron or a spray bottle and lightly mist the shirt. You do not want to soak it, just make sure that it is slightly damp. Make sure that your iron has sufficient water in the water reservoir to complete the iron properly. Most good irons have a gauge on the iron, so you should fill it accordingly with cool water. The next thing you need to do is go ahead and plug in your iron. Make sure you have plenty of cord to work with. Use an extension cord if you need to. Then turn...

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10-Step Plan For Effective Website Design

If you are thinking about creating a website, there are a number of key principles you should consider before setting out. If you follow this simple ten-step plan, you will be well on your way to sharing your creation with the World Wide Web community. 1. Choose a HTML Editor Before you can begin designing your new website, you will need a piece of software called a HTML Editor or sometimes called Web Editor. Basically, this converges your visual design into a language called Hypertext Markup Language (or HTML for short). In turn, this is then interpreted by web browsers – such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer – and delivers your website contents over the Internet. Virtually all Web Editors provide you with WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) functionality for ease of use and simplicity and there are many to choose from. You can consider freeware, shareware or moving up into the commercial applications there is the Microsoft FrontPage offering or the more complicated, but much loved, Dreamweaver product. Initially, it is probably worth trying out the free or try-before-you-buy applications that are freely downloadable from the Internet. 2. Simple design and structure It is always best to keep the basic website design as simple as possible, not only because you are just starting out, but especially because people dislike 'busy' content. Try to achieve a consistent...

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