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Month: December 2017

The Top Nine Brands For Wide-Format Printers – What Are They?

When you are in the market for wide-format printers, whether for business or for personal use, which printer manufacturers should you turn to in order to find the kind of printer that you want? Here are nine of the top companies in the printing industry that produce wide-format printers. 1. Canon. Canon is already one of the leading manufacturers of desktop printers and other similar equipment. For the wide-format printer arena, it offers the imagePROGRAF line of printers, with the 5-color printers for general and technical printing and the 12-color printers for the creation of digital photos and fine art. Sizes vary from 17 inches to 60 inches. 2. Epson. Epson's line of wide-format printers is called the Epson Stylus Pro. These printer models come in compact sizes 17 inches wide, as well as in 64 inches. These printer models are mostly for creating signage and digital photo prints. Epson also has solvent printer models. 3. Hewlett-Packard. HP is a major player in the printer arena with its HP Designjet series of printers. This series has entry models that are priced low enough for printing high-quality photo prints and digital fine art at home, as well as high-end models for commercial and corporate printing needs. Sizes vary from 24 inches to 60 inches. 4. Kodak. Under its subsidiary company, Encad, Inc., Kodak also offers wide-format known in the market...

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How Can I Tell It’s an Alloy Wheel That’s on My Car?

Have you ever been conned by a wheel seller and bought fake wheels thinking that they were alloy wheels? You are not alone. This is a practice that has become very common as technology evolves. The funny thing is that they look so much alike that you cannot tell which is which. However, you do not have to worry anymore. Here are the methods you can use to prove that those you are buying are actually alloy. Metal Wheels have with time emerged to be the best wheels in the market. They are the most preferred wheels by many motorists due to their outstanding qualities. You probably have them on your car and cannot replace them with any other type of wheels. Some of the qualities of these wheels that make them stand out in the wheel manufacture industry include; · Light weight which makes them more efficient · Strength which makes them withstand great pressure and exposure · Good heat dissipation · Variety of designs and · Great appearance These are the major characteristics that make up a good wheel and alloy wheels happen to have them. Many wheel stores have emerged and claimed to sell alloy wheels, but as technology has improved, so has the knowledge of manufacturers who make fake ones. Thus, a great problem has risen where motorist have bought wheels branded as alloy but...

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Football Freestyle In Sweden

Is it big? It depends on what "big" means in this case. If it means big as in a lot of shows, performances and clinics I would say no, I will tell you about this later in this article. If big is how many good freestylers come from Sweden I would say yes, a lot of great freestylers live there. So why is not there more freestyle events in Sweden? I will start with the performance part … There is not a lot of freestyle performances in Sweden. Some freestylers have gigs a couple of times a month. Some people think this is much, but compared to Holland where the best freestylers perform almost on a daily basis, it's not very much. As I said there is some, but to me it's strange why there is not more! What's strange is that there are so many great freestylers in Sweden, but not much events, performances and work shops … why? I have no idea. My theory would be that Swedish football is built on the team, not the individuals (there are people like Zlatan, yes). In Sweden you do not want to have a team with to many great individuals, you want Good, not AMAZING players, that's working great as a team. If you embrace the art of football freestyle you also embrace the individual technique and you will...

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Gluten Free Beer

Gluten free beer is an important consideration if you have a gluten allergy or celiac. Most beer is made with gluten-containing wheat, or more often barley. This has made drinking regular beer pretty much out of the question for many people. As the number of people avoiding gluten increases rapidly, a relatively new market for gluten-free beer has been filled by a number of companies. There are a number of types of gluten-free beer, and in some cases, the beer is not actually 100% gluten-free. This is disturbing, as some companies prefer to argue that their low-gluten beer is safe to grab market share, rather than either properly label their beer, or reformulate it to be truly gluten-free. Some countries, Australia for example, have a very strict definition of what can be called "gluten-free": no detectable gluten in the food. This sounds good, but as gluten tests become more sensitive, some foods, previously labeled gluten-free, will not longer meet the requirements. Never the less, this is a good standard to aim for. Other countries, such as UK, have a specific level below which the food can be labeled "gluten-free": 20 ppm (parts per million). Whether this is is a truly safe level or not can not be stated with 100% confidence. Another consideration is that drinking enough beer that such low levels of gluten become a big problem probably...

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Are Web and Blog Design Fads Costing You Money?

Even the most talented graphic designers and web designers tend to be slaves to fashion. Seemingly unable to resist the latest design trends, they often follow them without thinking. They do that even when it makes their blogs and web sites difficult or uncomfortable to read. The secret is that design courses teach them to look at the layout without reading the text or headings. That's a great strategy for checking the overall design, but if handled too far, it leads to unreadable pages – in print or on the web. They simply are not looking at how easy or hard it is to read the text, links, and subheadings. Many people seem to assume that being flashy or fashionable is the heart of good design. But the real purpose of design, especially on the Internet, is readability. Research on the Internet has shown that it is great content, not stylish design, that site visitors search for and act upon. Web sites, blogs, and other publications should be, first of all, easy to read. Site visitors decide in just 5 to 8 seconds whether to read the content or leave the site. You must draw them into the content right way for the site to accomplish its purpose. That means the text must be easy to read. Black Type on White Is Still the Best. Roger Black, the designer...

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