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Month: January 2018

Condolence Letters – What to Write in Your Condolence Letter When It’s the Death of a Spouse

A condolence letter about the death of a spouse is one of the more difficult condolence letters to write. No one truly knows the relationship between two married people. Writing “I understand how you feel” even if you’ve lost a spouse yourself isn’t always true. Without having been in the relationship yourself, you can’t imagine how the death of a spouse makes the survivor feel. When writing a condolence letter, it’s particularly important to understand how to write it and what to write that will offer comfort and support for the loss of a spouse and this profoundly personal relationship. “Nothing in life is certain, but death and taxes.” We have heard the phrase repeated many times. We laugh about it; we make fun of the circumstances. Yet, how many times do we give those words a second thought? We cringe when someone mentions death and hope for a quick end to the conversation. However, writing a condolence letter, when it’s the death of a spouse, can be crippling. Think back to your wedding day. You smile and boldly repeat the words, “Until Death Do Us Part.” You say a silent prayer and hope the day never comes. No matter how strong, passionate and comforting your relationship, it is hard to imagine your life with a spouse. But you grow closer and closer until you can’t imagine your life...

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Guitars – Ovation

The year was 1966. Guitars had already been around for some time. People expected them to be more or less of a certain type and design. There weren’t any real radical innovations in the manufacture of the guitar. And then came along a company by the name of Ovation. They weren’t going to just make another guitar. They were going to come out with something completely different. So in 1966, when they broke out into the scene, they came out with their very unique round back guitar, thanks to a guy by the name of Charlie Kaman. The pro musicians of the time absolutely loved the guitar. The guitar purists were not quite as enthused. They just didn’t get it. The odd part of how this guitar actually came to be had nothing to do with guitar manufacture at all. Kaman’s knowledge of helicopters and more specifically, helicopter blades, game him a really good understanding of vibration and applied this principal to the making of his new guitar model. Kaman said that he didn’t want to just make another guitar. He said that we had the technology to make something truly different and not only different, but better. So Kaman chose a team of engineers and technicians from the aerospace industry to work on his new project. It didn’t hurt that many of these guys had taken up woodworking...

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4 Ways Expert Tattoo Designers Do Tattoo Designing

There is a high demand for tattoo designs nowadays. This is probably because of the current trends in fashion and lifestyle. Tattoos are now being used in order to enhance a person’s look and physical appearance. Hence, there are many opportunities today for tattoo designers and artists out there. Some people use this as their main source of income, while there are some who do designs in order to have additional income. If you are an artist who wants to engage in this money-making opportunity, then you need to learn a lot of things in order to really be successful. For me, there are four major things that experts and professionals consider when designing tattoos. One thing they do is stick to the original plan of their client. This is because it is the client, not the artist who will wear the tattoo. You should therefore ask for the specifics of what your client really wants. As much as possible, try to absorb every last detail. Do not hesitate to consult your customer. Most of the time, the client will only be able to give you certain specifications and details initially. This means that what has been relayed in the project specification might be not be everything your client really wants. Moreover, this can also be a way for you to establish rapport with your client. Another thing you...

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The Christmas Sand Dollar

One of my favorite Christmases happened in California. My husband and I had lived in Los Angeles for several years. Our first Christmas, we drive to San Francisco after midnight mass on Christmas Eve – a lot shorter drive than the sixteen hundred miles to our families in Texas in ifmy weather. Beside, we both had to be back to work on Monday. That was a glorious trip, filled with small adventures. As anyone who has been to San Francisco can tell you, The City (as it is called by those of us who love it) holds many charms, and we sampled many of them. Believe me, San Francisco can get in your blood! On this second or third Christmas in California (memory fails me), we drive up US 101 (the "Ventura Highway in the sunshine" in the song made famous by America) through Santa Barbara to San Luis Obispo, then picked up California State Highway 1 to Morro Bay. We dropped into a quaint motel, white with blue trim, on Christmas Eve. Christmas morning dawned bright and clear. We rose early, ate breakfast, and drove out to a huge, three-story sized rock that jutted out of the water at the edge of the beach, and was called, appropriately, Morro Rock. A few other hardy souls had preceded us to the beach that morning. If you know about the...

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Non-Verbal Communication During Your Job Interview

No Slouching! It's about demonstrating confidence – standing straight, making eye contact, and connecting with a good, firm handshake. That first impression can be a great beginning, or a quick ending to your interview. Lack of body movement? Once the interview begins you should be relaxed, use your hands in talking – most people do. Do not overdo anything! Small gestures with your hands are fine but when you start waving your arms around you are out-of-bounds and could strike out. The worst posture is to fold your arms across your chest. This is a hostile posture – very closed and uncomfortable. Often times, women fold their arms because they are cold. Wear a sweater or jacket to the interview – but do not fold your arms over your chest. Contact – The Hand Shake The first contact you will have with the interviewer is the handshake. It's often looked at as a telling gesture to judge the confidence of a person. The interviewer extends his hand and you in turn extend your hand. If your hand is sweaty it will give an unpleasant feeling to the interchange. Your Image – How do you look? You are judged by how you look! Whether we like it or not – your general appearance – how you look – does set the first impression for the rest of the interview. This...

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