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Month: January 2018

Top 10 Sweet 16 Party Must Haves

A sweet sixteen is a monumental milestone in a young woman’s life. Sweet 16 videography and Mtv made the sweet sixteen larger than life by elaborate over the top parties at some of the most amazing venues. There’s amazing amount of pressure for the birthday girl to throw the best party of the year. There are certain elements that go into throwing an amazing birthday bash. Below you will find the 10 sweet sixteen party must haves. 1.) Sweet 16 videography- Ever since Mtv’s show ‘My Super Sweet Sixteen”, sweet sixteen videography has become a must have for your princess. Nothing will make her feel more like a movie star than multiple cameras following her around. Creating an amazing story of her day from getting ready, arriving at the party, dancing with her friends, speeches from family, cutting the cake and opening the presents will remain a keep sake in your family forever. Plus, when she shares this cinematic masterpiece on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter it’s guaranteed to increase her popularity throughout the school. 2.) Live Recording Artist Performance- This is an excellent way to really draw massive crowds of friends. Get a popular recording artist to perform at the sweet sixteen party. This is one of the ultimate sweet sixteen gift ideas. This party must have will have the high school kids speaking for days and even...

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Boating Gear – Picking The Best Ones To Pep Up Your Rides

What do you need for knowing while it comes for boating gear? What is boating gear, really? We say boating gear like everything you want to outfit the boat for meeting the specific needs. This may range from several safety equipments to apparels. What's the essential gear for boating every sailor must ideally possess? First, you should have all required safety equipments as outlined by US Coast Guards. This includes one fire extinguisher, life jacket for people on board, and a sound-producing device as a bell or horn, and appropriate lighting for boating during nights. This boating gear should be held by law and all boats should have them. It is a great idea for outfitting the boat with one radio so that you may communicate to the shore. At least, you may have a type of cell or 2-way radio in case of emergencies. You may also put one stereo in the boat for some personal enjoyment when being on water. For anchoring and docking, you'll require some anchor, of course, a line for attaching the anchor too. You'll need docking line such that you may tie up the pier. You will also require some dock bumpers for avoiding damage to the boat while mooring. These are as blow-up buoys which hang from these sides of the boat. While it comes to activities with the boat, the gear...

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Waxing and Raining – How To Wax Your Car When It’s Raining

Maintaining a vehicle’s finish can be a tiresome chore. If you’ve ever found yourself with a filthy car on days or even weeks of consecutive rains you’ll find yourself in a quandary. Should you quickly wax or allow your paint’s finish to absorb the brute force of the rain. Read on to find out a simple solution. Many a car enthusiast will have found themselves debating whether or not to wax their car during days of consecutive rain. For one thing, we know that rain is capable of easily stripping off protectants we apply to our car. Whatever wax you use be it synthetic or carnauba it is not going to last long with continuous rains. Should you wax quickly in the garage before exposing it to the rain again? Or just let the rains stop altogether and hope it’s acid content doesn’t eat up your finish? This can be very true on areas that experience heavy rain throughout the year. However, waxing repeatedly can be costly both in time and money especially if you are using boutique waxes. Most waxes too have a curing time, synthetics are claimed to instantly bond but most people believe that a good 12 hours will make it last longer. What we’ve found is that you can wax your car in sections. For example doing the hood, or fenders today would be quick...

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25 One-Liner Frog Jokes – Can be Used on Any Occasion

Frogs like any helpless animals have had a series of jokes told about them. They are probably not the funniest jokes ever told, but they can sometimes put a smile on the face of a frog collector. Sometimes, however the frog collector may not see the funny side. Here goes, have a laugh and don’t take yourself too seriously. 1. Why did the frog make so many mistakes? It jumped to the wrong conclusions. 2. What do frogs play at recess? Jumping jacks and leapfrog. 3. Why did the frog read Sherlock Holmes? He liked a good croak and dagger. 4. Who is smarter, a chicken or a frog? A frog of course How do you know? Well, I’ve never heard of Kentucky Fried Frog. 5. What is a frog’s favorite snack? Cheese and croakers. 6. Why did the motorcycle rider buy a pet frog? To pick the flies out from between his teeth. 7. Why are frogs good at baseball? Because they catch a lot of fly balls. 8. Why does a frog stand in the outfield? So he won’t miss a fly. 9. What do you get if you cross a science fiction film with a toad? Star Warts. 10. What do you call a one hundred year old frog? An old croak. 11. What did the frog dress up as at Halloween? A prince. 12. Where...

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The Difference Between a Casio Baby-G and a Casio G Shock Watch

Are you looking for the perfect watch that can stand up to your tough lifestyle? There are two that come to mind: the Casio Baby-G and the Casio G shock. These two watches are remarkably similar. They are both tough and durable. They can withstand large falls and impacts that other watches would crumble under. They can both be used in water, and they both have sleek designs that set them apart from other watches. Their similarities make sense, though. After all, the Baby-G is just a smaller version of the G shock. Despite their similarities, however, there are a few unique differences you should consider before you decide to make a purchase. Analyzing the Differences Men vs. Women – One of the biggest differences between these two watches is that the G shock is made for men, and the Baby-G is made for women. The sizes of the straps and the watch’s face are different because of this. The Baby-G’s face is generally about the same in length, but it is usually not as deep as the men’s version of the watch. Water Resistance – A G shock watch is generally (although not always) water resistant for up to 200 meters. While some Baby-G’s are as well, many are only resistant for up to 100 meters. Unless your favourite activity is snorkelling or deep sea diving, however, this...

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