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Month: April 2018

16 Tips To Define A Submissive Female

When the men are out on the hunt for women, especially when they are on the prowl for one-night stands, the most important quality that they are looking for in a female is for her to be submissive. How do you know whether is this female submissive? Check and make sure that there are some of the characteristics found in the women below: She holds her chin low. Eye Contact is evasive. She smiles excessively. She nods excessively when you speak She leans towards you to catch every word. She displays signs of self-checking – small touches to hair, clothing, etc. Utters a quick, nervous laugh at end of own speech, maintaining eye contact, encouraging you to smile. She raises her eyebrows. She smiles without showing teeth. She suppresses her smile, dropping her head. She displays incongruent mirroring. She uses palm-up gestures. Engaging in ‘performance’ speaking, she uses expression and gestures while talking but she ‘packs them away’ again quickly when she finished. She gestures with her hands at shoulder height or higher. She uses self-embrace arm gestures She makes ‘checking’ touch gestures that follow your eye movement. An example is you look at her nose and she touches it a second or so later. For the males that are on the hunt, sex is not usually instigated by the submissive female. The men have to ask for it,...

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Car Seats: How to Choose the Right One for Your Baby or Child

A car seat is one of the most important pieces of baby equipment to have ready and waiting before your baby arrives. Whether you have a car or not it is still an essential piece of baby equipment that will make your life easier. Infant carriers make moving and traveling with your baby a lot less hassle for both you and the baby as they can comfortably carry on sleeping while you carry them without disruption. Choosing the right car seat for your needs is important as not all seats will be ideal. So before buying one you need to check a few things: Your car.- Different seat models are sometimes more suited to different car models, this can be due to space issues or whether your car has isofix anchorage points. Isofix is ​​the safest and secureest method of installing a car seat, but if your car does not have isofix points there is still a wide range of belted seats and bases to safely secure with the vehicles seat belt. Your child's weight. – Car seats are grouped into weight groups and it is important for your child's safety that they are using the right category of seat. Each category has a stage group with a recommended weight range and approximate age suitability. However not all babies are the average size for their age, so using the...

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Where Is Web Design Heading in 2018?

Sticky Elements As it shows, this year will test the waters with respect to how much the user experience will be affected by unforeseen movement, outrageous amount of color, and typography that makes them exert more effort than usual. For this reason, it would be nice to know that there are web design trends in 2018 that will not be too disruptive. As an example, take a look at the sticky elements. Concepts like hello bars and sticky navigation have been used in the past. In this regard, designers realize the advantages of making some elements “stick” to the side of a web page so as to lessen friction when sharing messages unnoticeably with visitors. Hand-Drawn Elements Stock images were the “in” thing during the early days of web design. It was easy to find them, as users do not need to do much except to search, buy and download. There was also custom photography. This gave designers an opportunity to add a personal touch to their web design. It is pretty obvious that none of these design options will be given up since custom and stock photography are still being used. However, designers who want to add a creative spin on a website and make it their own can use the hand-drawn trend. This does not necessarily mean that they have to create a new website entirely from...

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The Importance of Rebranding Your Business

The vagaries of public taste can be the curse of many small businesses but one company has shown that a little marketing savvy can go a long way and help turn an out-of-fashion product into a desirable consumer foodstuff. Forget the humble pilchard. In its place is now the Cornish sardine. Now down in the west of England they know full well that the pilchard and the sardine are one and the same. However, to the average consumer the idea of ​​a pilchard conjures up images of ring-pull tins and tomato sauce. The sardine on the other hand evokes memories of Spanish and Portuguese holidays and barbeques in the sun. How the pilchard came to be transformed into the Cornish sardine and its consequent pride of place on supermarket fresh fish owes something to a bit of luck, allied to a slice of ingenuity. It also provides a classic example for SMEs everywhere of how marketing can make a huge difference to a company's fortunes. Although, in fairness, the success of the Newlyn-based Pilchard Works is exceptional by anyone's standards. Big budgets can turn around products. Marketing gurus point to the success of Burberry in turning a staid tartan fabric into a must-have fashion accessory and television watchers everywhere will have been amused by the adverts for Skoda cars and how they have been transformed from cheap and nasty...

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Top 10 Free Drupal Themes

I remember looking at the selection of Drupal themes late 2007 and thinking; who is actually using these? They all seemed to resemble a developer’s perspective on design. As a result Drupal themes used to be very boring indeed. In doing my research for this article I was truly astounded at the quality of free and premium Drupal themes available. It’s a testament to how Drupal has grown that the quality of the themes prove that it’s no longer just developers that are interested in the technology but designers also. Here’s my run down on my top 10 free Drupal themes. I’ve picked these themes not just because I think they’re some of the best looking themes available but because in my experience they’ve been flexible enough for me to do what I like with them and still hold there own. I’ve bought premium Drupal theme’s in the past (being lazy) and some haven’t stood up to actual usage which I think is pretty important. Remember all of themes are available from On with the main event… Top 10 Drupal Themes 1. Root Candy Root candy is the most important theme I’ve ever come across. It is an administration theme, which makes it a dubious contender for the top spot however it’s the only place you can really use a free theme when developing for a client. It’s...

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