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Month: July 2018

Different Things You Can Do With Sweet Potatoes

In Pakistan, sweet potatoes, or shakarkandi as they are called in Urdu, are mainly used in dessert recipes. They are usually very sweet and a pale to rich orange in colour when cooked. However sweet potatoes come in various degrees of sweetness but they are all much sweeter than yams. Make sure that if you want to make a dessert you buy sweet potatoes and not yams. All too often they are sold as one and the same thing, but they are far from being the same vegetable. In the US the FDA’s guidelines ensure that sweet potatoes which are yams are labeled as such with yams written underneath, so check the packaging. You can cook them like potatoes but are especially good baked in their skins like jacket potatoes or steamed. When you boil them they tend to soak up too much water to be good in recipes which call for them to be steeped in fruit juice. When they are cooked, you should remove the skin and use the delightfully coloured orange flesh only. Put this in a bowl and squeeze the juice from two King oranges, or Shahi santara as they are called in Urdu and allow the flesh from the potatoes to steep in the juice for about half an hour until some of it is absorbed. This makes for a very different dessert. These...

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The Ultimate Family Ski Holiday Packing Checklist

There is no better family holiday than one on the slopes but, even more so than beach holidays, it is important to remember to pack the essentials to ensure you and your family aren’t left out in the cold. While on most holidays, if you forget to pack a certain item it is just a case of buying a replacement, leaving behind ski equipment can be a costly mistake that is not as easily rectified as sourcing substitute trunks or a spare toothbrush. This becomes even more important when having to remember that it is not just you or your partner that you’re packing for, but your children as well. So, be sure to follow these helpful ski packing hints and tips to ensure the only thing you will be leaving behind this holiday is the stresses of home. Firstly, the easiest way to guarantee everyone has everything they need is to pack a ski bag for each person that is marked with contact information should it get lost or misplaced. If everyone has their own bag it is less likely that something should be forgotten and it is easier to see what has, or hasn’t, been packed. In every bag, be sure to pack the basics: ski boots and socks, a helmet and hat, gloves, goggles or sunglasses, neck warmer, thermals, wind and waterproof jacket and trousers, all...

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Do not Go Boating Without the Proper Equipment

Whenever going out on the water, even if only for a couple of hours, there are some things that are essential to have in case of emergency. Having certain equipment on board could mean the difference between a disaster and your return to land safely. Unfortunately, statistics show that there are many deaths that occur due to boating accidents that could have been prevented with the proper equipment. Life Jackets and Buoyancy Aids – Wearing it is mandatory at all times. You must always carry one of the correct size for each person on board your boat. Bailing System – Even if you carry an electric bilge pump, you should always carry a bucket or bailer. It can be used to put out fires and it may come in handy for other things. Anchor – To determine the right size for your boat, the anchor should weigh not less than 1.5 kg per meter of boat length, with the chain at least equal to the length of the boat and a non-floating rope well secured to the boat. First Aid Kit – This should contain sufficient supplies to cover minor accidents or injury. You should also carry a remedy for sea sickness as well as sun block. Alternative Power – Spare outboard, oars or paddles will help you maneuver the boat in the event of a power failure or...

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3 Tips to Pulling Off a Preppy Style

The preppy look has made a return a few years ago and is still getting strong on colleges this fall. You may release such look as "clean" or "simple". It's a well-balanced and neat look which isoted in the early American school uniform tradition. We tune into Gossip Girl without missing any episodes to see what Blair, Serena, and their friends plotting all day. And we also follow each girl's impressive style and try to find out how to look classy, ​​quirky, or laid-back, and what they had done on their traditional school uniform and given it a chic twist. However, wearing preppy is more than a style, it is a lifestyle. Here are some guidelines to dress preppy. Take a good note! 1. Get an attitude Typically, preps are considered as quite nice and vivid. Smiling and good manners are absolutely essential when taking preppy style. Usually preppy followers have a chic taste for social and cultural stuff. Neverheless, do not confuse preps with those superior, snooty people. 2. Always wear clean and well-tailored clothes As the preppy style symbols elegance and classic, maybe a consistently refined, Ivy League look will replace the bright colored casual outfits. 3. Preppy must-haves Skirts or dresses – Merge those gorgeous tees with short flaid skirts or pencil ones. Pastel colors are recommended to select, for example, tan and khaki are the...

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Analysis of the Chorus in "Murder at the Cathedral"

T.S. Eliot’s Murder in the Cathedral tells the story of Thomas Beckett, a man who reigned as Archbishop of Canterbury during the 12th century in England until his death in 1170. In order to tell Beckett’s story, Eliot creates a series of equally interesting characters that each play a crucial role thought the play. The most unique role found within the play is the Women of Canterbury, or the Chorus. Throughout the piece, the Chorus delivers seven choral odes. These choral odes, when looked at as a collective work tell a story. They begin with brief foreshadowing of events that will occur later in the play, but then quickly jump into necessary storyline; one which summarizes the events of the pasts, and then immerses the audience into the common man’s view of the events in the present. The first choral ode begins with heavy foreshadowing. The Women of Canterbury are drawn towards the Cathedral, but they do not know why. At first, there is confusion. They question, “Are we drawn by danger? Is it the knowledge of safety that that draws our feet towards the Cathedral?” As they reach the cathedral however, they come upon a realization. “There is not danger for us, and there is no safety in the cathedral. Some presage of an act, which our eyes are compelled to witness, has forced our feet towards the...

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