The preppy look has made a return a few years ago and is still getting strong on colleges this fall. You may release such look as "clean" or "simple". It's a well-balanced and neat look which isoted in the early American school uniform tradition.

We tune into Gossip Girl without missing any episodes to see what Blair, Serena, and their friends plotting all day. And we also follow each girl's impressive style and try to find out how to look classy, ​​quirky, or laid-back, and what they had done on their traditional school uniform and given it a chic twist. However, wearing preppy is more than a style, it is a lifestyle. Here are some guidelines to dress preppy. Take a good note!

1. Get an attitude

Typically, preps are considered as quite nice and vivid. Smiling and good manners are absolutely essential when taking preppy style. Usually preppy followers have a chic taste for social and cultural stuff. Neverheless, do not confuse preps with those superior, snooty people.

2. Always wear clean and well-tailored clothes

As the preppy style symbols elegance and classic, maybe a consistently refined, Ivy League look will replace the bright colored casual outfits.

3. Preppy must-haves

Skirts or dresses – Merge those gorgeous tees with short flaid skirts or pencil ones. Pastel colors are recommended to select, for example, tan and khaki are the favorites among preps.

Shirts – Oxford and Polo shirts are necessary to make the preppy style. No matter long or short-sleeved ones, they will all give you a lot of choices for taking fabulous combinations.

Shoes – Ribbon flip-flops and ballet flats are perfect options for preppy girls. But if you would like to make a modern look, leather high heels will work.

Accessories – Preps like classic and simple stuff, if you would like to make a girlie look, opt for some small headbands or ribbons. A well-tailored bag will also impress people with a preppy look. Canvas bags may be a good option because of the fine texture, young spirit and the plenty of style and colors.

Source by Penny Chang