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18 Types of Metaphors

The first extremely obvious question is – What is this darned metaphor? Another fancy name? Well… yes and no. It is fancy, but also effective. Charged with energy. Stuffed with genius. By definition, a metaphor is a figure of speech where two entirely dissimilar words or phrases are brought together to suggest a similarity. Confused? What are examples for? All the world’s a stage Yes, it’s Shakespeare and he is comparing the world to a stage. You generally don’t see the world as a stage, you see it… as the world, the earth, the mother; but not a stage. That is why it’s a metaphor. Because it has brought together two entirely unrelated things and made sense with it. That was simple. But there is no peace, here starts the rollercoaster. (bet you won’t enjoy it right now) 1. Extended or telescoping metaphor or conceit When your metaphoric insight has developed, then you cannot restrain yourself to just one metaphor. Like – All the world’s a stage and men and women merely players. This extension – “Men and women are merely players” has made this an extended metaphor. The author stretched “the world” and “a stage” by introducing parts of “the world” (men and women) and “a stage” (players). Of course, it has to make sense. You can’t extend it by comparing men and women to an ipod. Sounds...

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An Introduction to Civil War Military Swords

One of the most influential wars the United States ever participated in was the Civil War. Fought on the soil of America, this fierce battle pitted brothers and friends against each other. While firearms had already been invented, the military sword was the weapon of choice when fighting was close and personal. Here are some of the American manufacturers of military swords during the Civil War. During the civil war, there was a variety of companies that manufactured military swords. These sharp blades were capable of inflating mortal damage, and in the hands of a skilled swordsman, were more lethal than inaccurate rifles and other firearms. The Ames Company produced military swords from 1832 – 1906. By the conclusion of the Civil War, this company had produced over 200,000 swords. Nathan P. Ames started the company and marked the manufactured blades with NP Ames. After his death, his brother James changed the marks to Ames Mfg. Co. Swordmaker Christopher Roby was in business from 1861 – 1867. During his six year run, Roby churned out a line of cavalry sabers, musician swords, Non Commissionered military swords and light artillery sabers. When the Civil War came to an end, the company went bankrupt. The second largest producer of Civil War swords in the United States was Mansfield and Lamb. The company, operating out of Rhode Island, was a textile outlet...

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Mature Dating Tip – How to Flirt

Flirting is ageless; you have the license to do it whether you’re 20 or 60. You need to know how to flirt in order to navigate the mature dating scene. Done right, it is a harmless and easy way to spark that special someone’s interest and make him or her want to know you a bit more. Here are some flirting tips to use on other mature daters you have just met. Do these and you’re guaranteed to get a second date: 1. Use your hands. The key to successful flirting is breaking the “touch barrier.” By initiating physical contact, you let the other person know that you are interested. Be subtle but playful. Touch your date’s knee or arm while you make a point, for example. You can also let your knees touch subtly under the table. Don’t make the mistake of grabbing or lingering too long. Think short and subtle moves. 2. Laugh together. Reacting positively to your date’s jokes and funny stories is a big part of flirting. Aside from laughing, you can also show your interest by asking, “Really?” or saying “Wow.” Don’t fake it, though. If you’re truly not interested, there’s no need to try and appear like you are. Your boredom will show through. 3. Pay him/her compliments. Both men and women love to receive genuine compliments. If you think your date looks...

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English Laundry Clothing Puts a New Spin on British Fashion

English Laundry is an upscale brand of clothing designed by Christopher Wicks which features a uniquely English style and attitude. The clothing line borrows heavily from traditional English clothing as well as pop culture styles of clothing that have prevailed throughout the past decades. It features men’s clothing predominantly, but there is an off shoot brand, English Rose, which is dedicated specifically to women. The male line of tops include such designs as: short sleeve woven shirts, short sleeve tees, jackets and blazers, long sleeve tees, long sleeve woven shirts, vests, sweaters, and hoodies. The short sleeve tees feature designs like the Thomas of Ardwick Tee in off-white, Lions Crown in light blue, British Blue Legs in off-white and black, and the Union Crest tee in off-white. The short sleeve woven shirts include Cotton City in white and black, Dot in black and white, Village in white with grey, Rylands in navy and white, and Flanders in tan and white. The sweater and hoodies section features just two designs: the light blue and white striped Ribble Hoodie, and the sleeveless Old Cricket sweater in brown, navy, and off-white. The women’s English Rose line is not quite as large as the men’s section, and only includes tops. The selection currently offers Long Sleeve Woven Shirts, Jackets and Sweaters, and vests. The designs are still very nice though, and you are...

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3 Ways To Haul Your Dirt Bike

There are a few different ways to transport your dirt bikes or motorcycles to the track or trails. Some are cheaper than the others, and others are more convenient. It all comes down to your circumstances and what you prefer. You can transport your bike by hauling a trailer, tossing it in the bed of a truck, or putting it on a hitch carrier. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each. Trailers Some people will never pull a trailer behind their vehicle because they don’t want to deal with it or aren’t good at maneuvering. Others will use nothing but trailers just because they allow more room for hauling equipment. Trailers are good in that aspect, and it’s usually easy enough for one person to load the bikes. You can have an enclosed or open trailer depending on how much money you have to spend. Enclosed are more expensive, but it keeps the elements off of your dirt bikes and parts you’re carrying. Although trailers have a lot of advantages, there are several setbacks. They can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, you have to register them (plate, tabs, etc.), they’re more difficult to drive with and park since it can double the length of your vehicle. Just The Truck Probably the most convenient way to haul your dirt bike(s) is on bed of...

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