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Author: mandmweb

"Oh Danny Boy Oh Danny Boy I Love You So," But Not in Southie and NOT in the St Patrick’s Day Parade

Author’s program note. Have you ever been to South Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day parade? It is at the best of times a pitiable thing, ramshackle, disorganized, still smelling of the mother load that Billy O’Sullivan barfed on Monseigneur Murray last year as he bent down to bless the laddie, age 38 and unemployed. No one was particularly surprised, including the Monseigneur who always knew the O’Sullivans were a bad lot… but they are County Clare Irish, their father a reliable campaign worker (his record five votes in a single day), and (it’s important to inform you) didn’t tell the world what happened when the twins were apple-cheeked altar boys at St. Matt’s… That’s a comfort to his eminence, although his lawyers told him to pony up $60,000 for each of them because he loved them not wisely but too well. Hallelujah. And, yes, they’ll be marching in the parade, wearing their new store-bought duds. They even chipped in for something for Billy since the ones he wore last year are encrusted with dull green puke and stink to high Heaven. Ordinarily no one would mention it but, as I said, they’re from the County Clare O’Sullivans who have standards to maintain. They’ll be a gay sight to see, and their poor mother (who’s still paying for the bail money) will be so proud to hear them break into uneven...

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Video Games – From the Age of Nintendo to a Game Shirt Buyer Culture

I have always been an avid video gamer. In fact, I started playing Mario when I was just a kid. My friends and I got all the classic Nintendo games as soon as they would come out. I'm not old enough to have played on the Atari, and I must confess, I've never really even played on one yet. But, I have all the respect in the world for the Atari generation and their serious gaming skills, especially at Pong. You see, I'm a huge gamer and love almost any game. I even today buy all the coolest game shirts out there. My room is filled with game posters and the latest game apparels and figurines. And it all started with that little Italian plumber, Mario. Over the years, I've grown quite consider fond of the real-time strategy genre perfectly exemplified by the Starcraft franchise. I played countless hours, thousands of Battle Net games and bough all the Starcraft game shirts sold online. Through my experience as a serious gamer, I've noticed that the best games were not the ones with the greatest graphics or stories. The greatest games were the ones which transcended technology, trends, society and culture. Games like Tetris, Pac Man, chess and even backgammon have such powerful game mechanics that very few video games have ever come close to replicating them. These games have gameplay...

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Cycling in the City – The Pros and Cons

With changing global circumstances such as increasing fuel costs, traffic and high fees for parking, there has been a change in how people get around, whether to work or appointments or even to grocery stores. One of the means of transport that has gained support is cycling. In many major cities and surrounding areas the push for cycling lanes and laws to protect bikers has grown in popularity and more and more people have taken to the streets with two wheels instead of four. There are however both pros and cons which all cyclists and drivers should consider. Pros: Cycling is one of the best means of transit. Not only is it better for the environment, healthier for the rider and less costly than driving. Most buses are outfitted with bike racks and other modes of transportation such as subways generally allow a few bikes per car for those people commuting from longer distances. Cyclists are also seeing cities changing to accommodate their needs. Bike lanes and streets which are bike friendly are beginning to be a part of the city. As much as biking instead of driving is good for the environment it is even better for your health as it is recommended to get 20-30 minutes of exercise per day. One of the biggest benefits of cycling is the lower costs associated with it. Commuting to work...

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Back!

Christmas sweaters were once extremely popular in the 1980s, when they were sold to the mass markets. Major fashion labels, such as Croft and Barrow and Talbots, sold sweaters featuring images of Santa, reindeer, and snowman. One style in particular, the "ski sweater," was a hot seller. Many of these sweaters have since been tossed or tucked away in mom or grandma's closet. Fast forward 30 years later. Although these sweaters had, for the most part, gone out of style after the 1980s, the trend caught a resurgence in the last few years. Much of the resurgence was due to the increase in "ugly Christmas sweater" parties. These parties started a few years ago and the idea behind them was to revive the cheesy Christmas sweaters that were once popular in the eighties. The resurgence used the eye of the Wall Street Journal, which reported that Google searches for the term "ugly Christmas sweaters" were up 30% last year over the previous year. Many corporations, such as AOL, throw an annual corporate "ugly Christmas sweater" party in lieu of the more traditional (and boring) Christmas party. Ugly Christmas sweater parties are all about standing out and wearing a sweater that makes a statement. Often, the brighter or the uglier the sweater, the better. Many people even go as far as to stitch additional items on their sweaters to make...

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Air Jordan Retros – Very Much in Demand

The Jordan Brand has grown very well under its parent company, Nike. The Air Jordan is available in most of the shoe stores of US Michael Jordan retired and the shoes still were much in demand. The Jordan Empire has introduced many series of shoes and dedicated it to the great player and well known sports personality, Michael Jordan. The Air Jordan empire also has to credit many many designs and varieties of sneakers which have also become quite popular. The retro styles are very much in demand and the Jordan Brand has taken up the new job of re-inventing all its old classic models. Thus, emerged Air Jordan Nu'Retro 2. The Air Jordan II has got its inspiration from its ancestor. The older version had a style of its own with high top cut, cup sole, original Jordan wings logo and also stitched bordering. On the contrary, the newer version boasts of being trim and sleek. But what is interesting here is that there are both similarities and differences in both these models. The Retro 2 uses a fuller length of air sole which lends extra comfort to the wearer. The original shoes used only traditional laces. The other details like Jordan's sports achievements through 1987 are mentioned. There is mention of the Jumpman logo which was introduced in the year 1987. The mainline Air Jordan II was...

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