Visible Id Program:Redesigning a festival brand—whose method ranges from the classical to the Avant Garde—it was critical to produce a playful, adaptable system, that spoke to various audiences in a unified voice, nonetheless allowed for individuality in information and look.Searching to bridge musical and visual language, we started with what they both experienced in common: currently being created from a one fundamental element—a be aware and a pixel.Employing this singular factor to build the legendary ”F” emblem, like a chord created of different notes, we had been ready to create a mathematical system—a system that enables the emblem to expand, subdivide and rhythmically repeat like musical models creating a defeat or tempo.By visualising music as a result of these modular programs, we had been ready to produce an identification that is potent and adaptable with infinite opportunities, nonetheless never looses manufacturer recognition. A emblem that is both a traditional emblem, and a dwelling identification.Stationary:The Festival stationary is kept clean up, only working with the emblem and supporting pattern in black and white to emphasise the legendary emblem and emblem system, strengthening manufacturer recognition, while keeping a clean up, scandinavian, minimalistic really feel. With this sort of a adaptable identification, we felt that it was critical to allow the stationary to adhere to the main style and design of the identification: the “F” and the pattern system. Objects this sort of as the notebook and small business card use the pattern in mix with print ending strategies, this sort of as as location varnish and blind emboss, to produce a playful and tactile surface area.Clothing:In addition to the far more traditional festival t-shirts and tote bags—which featured both the “F” styles as very well as the 3D “F” illustrations, we appeared at new ways of creating manufacturer recognition as a result of non-traditional approaches and channels. With the festival currently being primarily based in Bergen, one of the rainiest metropolitan areas in Europe, we had been encouraged to style and design and prototype a new Tyvek rain poncho, ornamented with the legendary manufacturer styles. In addition to this, we designed a festival wool sweater. Traditional Norwegian sweaters have develop into an legendary image of the Norwegian identification, appealing to a very large concentrate on team, and allowed for a potent connection between the manufacturer pattern and the traditional knitting styles of these sweaters. These had been two methods that actually spoke to the identification of the festival, it’s society, geography, and heritage.

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