Wow this is question is always going to be on mens' mind. Well my fellow men I hope this article puts your mind at ease a little. Does size matter? The answer is yes and no. I will explain. Now recently a website posted up a survey that they did on a 100 women. The age group was between 18 to 70. That is right, all ages baby. One of the questions was of course does size matter. Most of them said no. Do not go celebrating yet gentlemen, I am not finished yet. Most women out of this survey said it does not matter. Many of them said that the way they way use is more important. Remember I said most because and here is the reason why. Another question on the survey was what was the ideal size a penalty should be. On average, most of the girls said between 6 to 7 inches. So guys if you are between this range you should be good to go.

But going back to if size matters. some of the girls said they do not want to be with a man with a small penis. I am assuming four inches or less, in their opinion that is just too small to give them pleasure. So again the answer is yes and no. But for all the guys out there insecure about your size. You are not alone, it is perfectly natural to feel that way, trust me all men do, even black people. Lol. But for real whenever you hear a guy brag about their penis or their sex do not listen to them. You want to ask their girlfriend or the woman they having sex with. Do not be shy about this either. This might seem a little taboo but you will be surprised what women will tell you about their lovers, especially if they are your friends. Over 75% of females fake their orgasm. That is right females are great actresses and will pretend to orgasm out of respect of your feelings. So men are better off learning advance ways to using your penis instead of making the penis itself bigger. Here is something else that might ease your mind, the average man has 5 to 7 inches. So do not be discouraged when you see these guys in adult videos with 9 and 11 inches.

Those guys are blessed freaks of nature. It is as if you like basketball and your trying to beat Jordan. Jordan was a gifted athlete. Well, so are porn stars. But going back, having a big penis does increase your confidence, and in increasing your confidence you will be increasing your chances being better in bed. Plus, the larger you are the more potential you have using great angles and stimulating the great g spot. So again the answer is yes and no. Good luck fellow men.

Source by Tyrael Alston