Christian Audigier was born to the town of Avignon in France, and has since become a world renounced clothing designers that many artists like Brittney Spears have come to know and enjoy wearing. Known as the "godfather of tattoo", the man who is Don Ed Hardy has impressed many in the world with remarkable skills as a tattoo artist who has created designs on the skin of hundreds. Christian Audigier, inspired by Don Ed Hardy's designs, made a clothing lined that is based off of his designs. Calling to many due to the unique styles of Audigier and Hardy, many have come to appreciate this inspirational line for many outings.

Many have deemed to wear the Audigier line, and the t-shirts he has created are no different, having inspired clothing that can be worn as either lounger or formal wear. When you wear Audigier, you can wear it to a nightclub or formal party, or even to a night out with your friends. With a name brand like Christian Audigier, your style and sense of self will shine through to any location that you deem to visit, inspiring others and yourself. In many ways, our cultural is starved for creativity and artistic designs as most styles have been redone repeatedly. However, with the designs of Christian Audigier, who you are and your reputation will be stated to everyone who sees you wearing this unforgettable line.

Although many feel a t-shirt is not suitable for all locations, it is only the mundane t-shirts that are meant for relaxing. With Christian Audigier, you can match your wardrobe with the talents of Don Ed Harder, providing to others your sense of self and tastes are refined and unforgetable. If you stand in a crowd with Christian Audigier, you will show yourself to be apart from the crowd. Anyone who is not afraid to be noticed will love this line, and others who are more conservative will feel the artist and creator in him or her coming out.

The background and talents of Christian Audigiers will be unforgettable as he captures the crowd in a line that will leave the competition behind in the dust. When you choose a wardrobe, it should reflect who you are and your personal tastes. When you choose Christian Audigiers, he is sharing his personal tastes with you, offering you all of his skill to design quality clothing that will speak out to your inner self and your friends. The designs of Christian Audigier show forth that you should always stand out of the crowd and make yourself seen and this line will help you do exactly that.

If your lifestyle is ready for a new sense of style or to express what you are inside, it is time for you to try a Christian Audigier shirt. New, remarkable, and filled with the talents of two unforgivable artists, you will make stand out for sure. If you are ready for a style that matches your sense of style and can show you for what you really are, then it is time for you to wear Christian Audigier shirts.

Source by Bradley Marmer