this is the ultimate for my media authorship in the digital age class. It is intended to be taken as a introduction video clip at our output dwelling headquarters or a recruitment video clip to be performed at school fairs.

The movies ended up all individual assignments I worked on

The logo at the start was made with ultimate cut motion to maneuver and manipulate the letters. the ink splatters ended up from action essentials 2 and I manipulated the coloration with coloration corrector

hell dwelling and leap ended up filmed, penned, and directed by me. The monster was Ryan Stevens, The person in the match was Brandon Wells, The boy in the hoodie was me, and the lady in the distance was Rae Core.

Alaska Quests was an assignment from my ultimate cut certification course the footage was royalty totally free and arrived on the ultimate cut seven DVD with the textual content book

the film outcomes with the vehicle fire scene ended up filmed by me featuring my mate Ryan Stevens the bullet outcomes and muzzle flashes ended up from action essentials 2 which I blended with ultimate cut and motion.

the meteor influence all over again was reused sort my 7shot experiment and was later incorperated with Leap…. this was made with Motion essentials 2, ultimate cut, and motion.

the blood spurts also featuring my mate Ryan Stevens ended up also made use of with action essentials 2, ultimate cut , and motion.

the graphic logo job was reused from this class employing gimp. I individually drew the human experience and blended it with a graphic mobile qualifications. I made use of the red letters as a pop motif and made use of it to engage in tongue and cheek gag with my precise output organization (as it works by using my main shades)

The Breaking Brecht logo was a mini Vid Doc sequence I was commissioned to do for Paradise Valley Local community school. As soon as all over again I established this logo employing Last cut, Motion, and Motion essentials 2 (the logo was 3 unique logos AE2 that I fused).

The ultimate influence the audio log was a sample sort yet another earlier class job identified as the pursuit. Using Audacity I made use of my very own voice as the narrator and the character getting chased. The rustling sounds was a jacket that was moved frequently by me. the monster sounds was a manipulated moan by me. The gun audio outcomes ended up presented by Motion Essentials 2.

that about does it for all the stuff in the video clip this was all edited employing Last cut Pro and I hope you enjoy… Oh the music made use of was a royalty totally free keep track of from a audio Library I very own with AE2 it is titled Euro dance Keep track of five.


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