Sadness, depression, even physical pain. It's all there and more when you break up with the person you love. Sometimes, you actually feel sick sick. You really do feel as though your heart is breaking. And maybe, you feel panic, too. What can I do? What can I do? You ask yourself. What, oh what, should I do to get my ex back?

After a short search on the Internet, you will find many books, blogs, websites, forums, and groups to help you find the right answer to that all-consuming question: What should I do to get my ex back?

You'll find all kinds of conflicting advice, too. Do not call; do call (but only say this). Do not write her a letter; do write (but only write that). Do say you're sorry; do not say anything. After a while, you begin to wonder: Does any of this advice apply to my situation?

Well, there is one bit of advice that does. Do not play games. What kind of games? One would be to prepare that you do not care. Another one would be to pretend to be dating someone else, or even be in love with someone else.

Some people do this hoping to make their ex jealous. It's a risky ploy. Yes, it might bring you two back together again, but it could also make the breakup permanent.

It may make your ex realize what he or she has lost. It might even make them so jealous that they want you back. But it could also make them decide that since you moved on so quickly, you did not really care about them. You have no way of knowing how they'll react until it's too late.

So stay honest. What else should you do when answering the question, How do I get my ex back?

Be kind. A breakup can unleash a lot of anger. We end up saying stuff we do not mean, wicked, hurtful words. We're done with common courtesy. We're spiteful, bitter, accusatory.

Think about it. If you were your ex, would you want to spend time with you or even talk to you? Or would you go out of your way to avoid seeing you?

What can I do to get my ex back? I can release my anger. I can let go of my hurt. I can forgive and be the kind of person my ex can miss.

Learn to answer that question this way. It's the first step toward regaining your ex. I would have done otherwise, if it had not been for T 'Dub' Jackson.

T 'Dub' has written a simple, compassionate and realistic plan called "The Magic Of Making Up." That's a great name for it. It certainly worked like magic for me and my man. We not only made up. We made up the right way, and now we're more together than ever.

Source by Hudson Channing