White stretch jeans seem to float in and out of style on a regular basis. It might be that they are predominately seasonal attire that are generally tucked away for the cold winter months than cooked out again for the summers heat and the light colors of summer.

There has been a trend despite in the last few years to ignore the American fashion rule of no whites before memorial day and definitely no whites after labor day. This rule has been bent in recent years to the breaking point.

You are more apt to see white stretch jeans in the middle of the winter now more so than ever. They are usually paired with a big bulky sweater and tucked neatly into a pair of knee boots.

What To Wear Them With

White stretch jeans should be worn with colorful tops, doing white on white usually makes the wearer appear as if they are wearing some type of uniform, this usually is not the look that someone is after.

Pairing these types of jeans with a light tunic made from any color other than white is usually a good solid choice. These jeans can be dressed up by adding a pair of heels and some fun accessories.

Accessories go a long way with white stretch jeans, they can really perk things up a bit. Here is the beauty of it, you can pair these jeans with just about any type of accessory and they all look great.

Wearing these types of jeans is like starting with a completely blank canvas. You can add colorful belts and wear shoes you might have a hard time pairing up with something else.

When To Wear Them

These jeans have a certain casual feel and are usually inappropriate for anything other than a night out with friends visiting the local club or a day trolling around. You can add some sparkle and dazzle for the club wear and keep it simple for day time wear, adding a few simple accessories and a colored t shirt is the perfect way to wear them.

Wearing these jeans for more formal wear just does not work.

Tips and Tricks

White stretch jeans are usually very form fitting, and because they are white they are very unforgiving of figure flaws, use a little ingenuity to cover up the rough spots. If your tummy is the issue than add a short waist jacket- this also helps with the love handles. These are fun jeans and can easily be made to reflect your unique style.

Source by Chuck Chass