Halloween is a great time of year for kids and adults. It's always fun to decorate your house and have parties. Dressing up is the best part of Halloween. Finding the right costume for your personality can be easy if you give yourself options. One cool type of costume that is great for girls and boys are costumes ninja. Most people associate ninjas with little boys but girls can also have a lot of fun dressing up as a ninja. You can find a lot of different ninjas online for children as well as for adults depending on what your looking for.

You might think that ninjas are self explanatory but the options are actually pretty elaborate. Some types of costumes ninja for boys are GI Joe, teenage mutant ninja turtles, or shadow ninjas are also cool. Girls can easily be pretty and still be a ninja. One ninja that is really cute for a girl is a jade ninja. If your little girl wants to dress up as a dragon ninja she can easily do that too. Ninjas usually have their faces covered so a boy or a girl could disguise themselves and no one would know who they were.

Adults can also dress up as ninja warriors. If your a bit out of shape and want to have fun sword fighting and playing with your kids then a ninja costume is the perfect costume for you. One type of ninja that you do not have to cover your face is a karate ninja. This is another type of ninja that is great for a girl or boy. Another cool thing about ninjas are the accessories. There are Chinese stars, black gloves, nun chucks and all different types of swords.

Ninjas are exciting and imaginative for adults as well as children. Becoming a ninja can really make Halloween fun with the right type of accessories. If you want to be a GI Joe, a karate ninja or a teenage mutant ninja turtle, you can easily find a costume for the occasion. Most costumes ninja can be for girls and boys. If your little girl wants to be a pretty ninja she could be Mulan or just a jade ninja. Halloween is a great time of year to dress up and become someone cool and dangerous like a ninja. Be creative and keep your options open and your sure to find the right costume for both boys and girls.

Source by Tony J. Peacock